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Competition for the realization of the poster

The contest for the Osei Festival poster is back!


For the 748th edition of the Osei Festival, scheduled in Sacile on Sunday 5 September 2021, the Pro Sacile Association has announced acompetition for the realization of the poster, the artistic symbol of the event.

The Sagra dei Osei is theoldest ornithological event in Europeand boasts of the patronage of the City of Sacile, the Autonomous Region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia and the Ministry for agricultural, food and forestry policies.

The poster artistically represents the Sagra dei Oseiand is reproduced on billboards, advertising spots, brochures and any information and promotional material of the event.




The press conference in which the winner of the competition will be unveiled and the poster of the Sagra dei Osei 2021 presented will be held on Saturday 17 July at 7 pm at the former church of San Gregorio, in via Garibaldi.

The press conference will be broadcast live on the Pro Sacile Facebook page.



  • Felicetta Alessio - Spilimbergo - Flying colors

  • De Marco Elisa - Sacile - King, queen, princes and vassals

  • Verderame Serena Maria and Pecile Ambra - Pordenone - Rebirth

  • Heavy Francesco - Udine - Alcione

  • From Corta 'Susanna and Wang Yitong - Pieve di Cadore - Flying through the streets of Sacile

  • Masut Gloria - Sacile - Untitled 

  • Felicetta Alessio - Spilimbergo - Bird & man

  • Garofalo Salvatore - Catania - The melody of nature

  • Peressini Marta - Dignano - Joints of wings and party

  • Doro Laura - Caneva - Flying letters


Who can participate?


Participation is free, without age restrictions or exclusions. You can participate individually or in a group, proposing one or more works.

Schools are encouraged to support their pupils' participation in the competition: for institutes, the possibility of receiving a prize in money or in technological material or in consumer goods useful for training activities.


How do you participate?


To participate in the competition it is necessary to fill in the participation form and send it, together with the documents, to the Pro Sacile Associationby Friday 30 April 2021.

The work can be of any nature, whether original work or graphic reproduction, butit has to be graphically adapted in four versionsto meet the purposes for which it will be used: posting on vertical posters, posting on maxi horizontal posters, reproduction on playbills and reproduction on brochures, publications and trophies. The details are specified in the competition notice.


How does the contest work?


Among all the participants,a qualified jury will select the 10 best entries, which will be exposed to the public for a popular vote.The paper that receives the highest number of votes will be selected as the official posterof the 748th Sagra dei Osei and will be used on any material relating to the event.

The author of the winning poster will win a prize of € 1,500and will attend the press conference to present the poster and program of the 748th Sagra dei Osei.

The Pro Sacile Association will be able to attributea special mention to a deserving paper sponsored by a school and award the institution a prize in cash or material goods.

An exhibition or a catalog can be published with all the works.


Who is the jury composed of?


The Jury is made up of representatives of the artistic, cultural and photographic world and chaired by the President of the Pro Sacile Association. 

The Jury met on Saturday 5 June in the exhibition spaces of San Gregorio, in an open-door event to choose the ten most significant works that will be put to the vote of the public. The members of the Jury are:

  • Lorena Bin, President of the Pro Sacile Association - president of the Jury, without the right to vote.

  • Maria Teresa Biason, contact person of the Culture Office of the City of Sacile.

  • Lucia Borgonzoni, Undersecretary of State at the Ministry of Culture.

  • Mario Cossetti, artist and sculptor.

  • Giuseppe Fabbroni, professor and historian.

  • Vannia Gava, Undersecretary of State at the Ministry of Ecological Transition - president of the Sagra dei Osei.

  • Alberto Pasqual, artist, sculptor and painter.

  • Carlo Spagnol, Mayor of the City of Sacile.

  • Daniela Zangrando, director and curator of the Burel Museum of Contemporary Art in Belluno.


Who to ask for information?


All information and methods of competition are explained in thecompetition notice, published in the attachments area of this page.

However, you can send an email to request further information.


Attachments area

Notice of competition, entry form,  FAQ and information material

Promotional material

Graphic material for participants (art.4)

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