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Elections of corporate offices 2022


The Governing Council of Pro Sacile, in the session of Thursday 27 January 2022, took note of the expiry of the mandate of the Association's corporate offices, which coincides with the 4 years of presidency of Lorena Bin, elected in March 2018.

The General Assembly of Members is convened in ordinary session on Saturday 5 March:  at 12 noon on first call at the Pro Sacile headquarters in via Albino Ruffo 10;at 3 pm on second call at the Ex-Church of San Gregorioin via Garibaldi 56.



Pursuant to the Articles of Association, the following provisions are highlighted:

  • Article 8.4 - For the purposes of the elections, the Member registered in the Book of Members of the previous year (2021) and who has renewed the registration for the current year before voting has the right to vote. For organizational reasons and for the purpose of legitimizing the voting, it will be possible to renew the membership until the beginning of the Assembly.

  • Article 8.4 - The Associates can be represented with written proxy conferred to another Associate, provided that both are in good standing with the membership. Each Associate can be the bearer of only one proxy.

  • Article 16.3 - The proposals for candidacy for the positions of President and Director must be presented on the appropriate forms prepared by the Association, by the fifth day before the voting, or by 12.00 on Monday 28 February 2022.

  • Article 16.4 - The lists of candidates for the offices of Chairman and Director will be exposed at the registered office by 11.59 pm on Wednesday 2 March 2022.

  • Article 16.10 - The Associate in good standing with the membership at the date of presentation of the candidacy is eligible as President and / or Director.

  • For the renewal of the card, the Pro Sacile headquarters in via Albino Ruffo 10 is open on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 9 to 13. It is also possible to renew the card by filling in the form available on the website www.prosacile. it and arranging for payment by bank transfer.

To participate in the Assembly of Associates it is mandatory to be in possession of reinforced green certification which will be verified upon entering the room. It is also mandatory to correctly wear the mask to fully cover the airways (nose and mouth), respect the interpersonal distance of 1 meter and sanitize your hands frequently.

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