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The Membership Card

Become part of the Pro Loco family of Italy, a large world made up ofover 6300 Associations and 500,000Associatesthroughout the national territory.The Pro Loco are history, tourism and cultureand allow us to discover the most evocative places and the most exciting itineraries of our splendid peninsula.



The Pro Loco Membership Card is the membership card of all the Pro Loco in Italy. A single card that will allow you to feel part of the Pro Loco world and, above all, will guarantee thousands of discounts throughout the national territory.

On the site  all the national and local conventions are listed divided by category and region. All conventions are geolocated on a map so as to allow easy identification.

Subscribing to the Pro Sacile Card allows you to support our activities and to influence, with your vote, the most important choices of our Associationneither. The members of Pro Sacile are almost 250, join us!



Attention: the following information must still be validated by the Pro Sacile Board of Directors, therefore they are purely informative.

At the bottom of this page you can download the 2022 registration form.

Article 6 of the Pro Sacile Statute defines that the Pro Sacile Board of Directors must accept the membership application submitted by the Member.


The registration process is therefore as follows:

  • Download and fill in the form, entering all the required data.

  • Pay the € 15 fee (to be confirmed), in cash at the Pro Sacile headquarters or by bank transfer.

  • Wait for the first meeting of the Board of Directors in which the Register of Members will be updated and the UNPLI registered card assigned . 

Attention! On the occasion of the Shareholders' Meeting, it is advisable to update your registration in time, in order to access the Assembly with the membership in good standing and to be able to proceed with the vote, without waiting for the next meeting of the Governing Council.

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