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Pro Sacile - APS is born


The Board of Directors of the Pro Sacile Association, in the session of Friday 5 March 2021, approved the amendments to the Statute, incorporating the indications provided for by the legislation to proceed with the registration of the Association in the Single National Register of the Third Sector. The Extraordinary General Assembly of Members, in the convocation of Sunday 21 March 2021, unanimously approved the text of the new Statute.

The new Statute has been registered with the Revenue Agency and, from 14 June 2021, the Pro Sacile - Association for social promotion is registered in the regional register of associations for social promotion at number 1403., pending the entry into force of the Single National Register of the Third Sector next April.



The amendments to the Statute are mostly formal: the references to the Legislative Decree 3 July 2017, n. 117 and the Single National Register of the Third Sector (RUNTS), also in the corporate purpose, and the management control body is envisaged if certain thresholds of commercial turnover are exceeded. The members become associates, the Board of Directors becomes the Governing Council and the Directors go from 14 to 10.

The name of the association becomes Pro Sacile - Association of social promotion.

All the peculiarities of the Pro Sacile Association are maintained: the references to ornithology in the corporate purpose, the direct election of the President and the corporate offices.


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