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-The festival of Sacile par excellence, a union of history, environment and tourism! -


Sunday 5th September


The 748th Sagra dei Osei will haveofficially ends on Sunday 5th September2021. However, the closure will be preceded by severalunmissable recreational and cultural activitiesbefore reaching its climax at 9pm in theBingo, once again organized by the Pro Sacile Association, which offers areas up for grabsawardsand winnings. For more information, keep reading or consult our channelssocial.


events and activities


To book seats for the following events and activities, simply click on the icon of interest. You will then be directed to a new window or booking form.Click here for more information.


booking form


To have access to the activity you have selected scheduled for Sunday 5th September, it will be necessary to complete thebookingof places by filling in the following online form: we recommend that you complete all the mandatory fields indicating the number of members for each family unit (for example, mom, dad, two children and two non-cohabiting grandparents form two families: one with 4 members and one with 2 components) ._ cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_It is necessary to insert an email where you will receive the indication of the assigned seats, the email will come from and could end up in the junk mail.

Attention! To participate in the "Escape room with Leonardo da Vinci" event it is necessary to pay a contribution of € 5 per person.

These indications make it possible to assign seats in full compliance with current legislation. If during the evening there are discrepancies with respect to reservations, access will not be allowed.

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